Suicide Squad

David Ayer
Film // August 26, 2016

The Warner Bros’ DC initiative has always struggled with writing characters and creating a coherent plot. Man of Steel avoided the pitfalls of the former with its narrow focus. BvS makes it easier to overlook the latter because some semblance of ideology was buried underneath Lex Luther’s convoluted plans. But Suicide Squad’s large cast compounds the character issue, while the already contrived premise does the plot no favors.

Suicide Squad struggles from the get-go, bogged down by heavy exposition and promises of big action. And when the action comes, it’s nothing but disappointment. The gunfights are boring and uninspired, the fistfights are even worse. The only saving grace is Margot Robbie and Will Smith making the most of their characters, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. If anything, this only makes it more frustrating to see these actors–and these properties–squandered on such a poor production.