Star Wars

George Lucas
Film // August 31, 2016

Star Wars has always been about scale, from the massive Death Star to the sheer variety of shapes and sizes found drinking at the Mos Eisley cantina. This sense of wonder becomes the basis for much of Star Wars’ magic, much through our conduit–Luke Skywalker. The galaxy far, far away promises mystery, discovery and adventure.

That should be thrilling, but what Lucas delivers is a boring series of action sequences stitched together by the tease of a greater world (that we never see). Each intergalactic conflict feels too neat–proving either inconsequential or self-contained to a fault. The film opens with a conflict between Luke’s desire to explore the outside world and his familial obligations. The following scene gives him an opportunity to explore the outside world and frees him from familial obligations–and the grief only lasted a minute to boot! And when all action scenes fall under these convenient situations, the wonderful, expansive universe becomes pretty backdrop–and nothing more.