Frank Ocean
Album // September 24, 2016

Music fears being confined into a space. To be labeled or categorized, is to be suffocated. That’s what makes Endless liberating and soothing. Its downtempo demeanor melts each track into a singular experience even as it traverses outside the conventions of R&B–dipping into soft rock and electronic. Even the unconventional release, a methodic rollout via video of Frank Ocean constructing a staircase points at Endless points at its desire to live outside the lines of standard, packaged albums or directed video.

Endless is reminiscent of Gambino’s Before The Internet, tackling technology and its exciting, but also terrifying, lack of boundary. As the title asserts, there is a cyclical constant at work; love feel foreign, yet familiar. Experiences are fresh, but instinctual. You can blur the border between still and motion pictures, and Frank Ocean proves, so too with human emotions.